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The Writer's Inkhorn (2020)

Copies of the Writer's Inkhorn are now available in a digital format for your convenience. Click any of the links below to read a full issue. Also, don't forget to subscribe to have the most recent publications sent directly to your inbox.

Grace That Covers All My Sin

Jan/Feb 2020

Recalling how the grace of God has been present in her own life, Dr. Webster Moore, reminds us to allow God's grace to cover every aspect of our lives -- not only so that we can experience healing and wholeness -- but also so that we can take full advantage of the time God's grace has given us to accomplish that which He has called us to do.

Daily Bread Faith

Mar/Apr 2020

This issue of The Writer's Inkhorn reminds us of the human spirit's ability to triumph in the midst of tragedy with the help of our Heavenly Father. Dr. Webster Moore encourages us to look for signs of hope despite what we see happening around us, and to keep praying, keep trusting, and keep exercising our faith.

Truth Serums

May/Jun 2020

This issue of The Writer's Inkhorn challenges us to come to grips with various truths: that our waiting on God is sometimes not waiting at all, but procrastination on our part; we are creative beings whose creativity should fill every area of our lives; and our rights do no supersede the rights of others nor God's glorious standard.

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